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BunnyBuddies is an esteemed online platform dedicated to promoting responsible rabbit ownership, educating enthusiasts and pet owners, and fostering a vibrant community centered around these adorable creatures. As an authoritative source of knowledge and support, BunnyBuddies aims to enhance the lives of rabbits and their human companions alike.

Our Mission

Our mission at BunnyBuddies is to provide comprehensive information on rabbit care, behavior, health, and adoption. We strive to advocate for the well-being and proper treatment of rabbits, ensuring they are recognized as wonderful, loving companions deserving of a safe and nurturing environment. We are committed to imparting responsible rabbit ownership practices to our community, offering guidance to those seeking unforgettable and joyous experiences with these furry friends.

Our Vision

BunnyBuddies envisions a future where rabbits are cherished and respected as cherished family members. We aspire to become a globally recognized authority on rabbit care, continuously guiding rabbit enthusiasts, sharing expert insights, and establishing a supportive community that is passionate about the welfare of these lovable creatures.

A Brief History

BunnyBuddies was founded in About Us by Jared Gomez. An experienced rabbit guardian himself, Jared recognized the limited resources available to rabbit owners, often leaving them with unanswered questions and insufficient guidance. To address this unmet need, he embarked on a journey to establish BunnyBuddies as a reliable source for rabbit-related knowledge, built upon his firsthand experience and extensive research.

Meet Our Founder

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Jared Gomez, the passionate founder of BunnyBuddies, possesses an unwavering commitment to ensuring rabbits live happy, healthy lives in suitable environments. With over About Us years of experience in rabbit care, Jared imparts his wisdom and expertise, compiled through years of personal kinship with rabbits. Determined to fill the gaps in rabbit-related information, he leads BunnyBuddies’s dedicated team, driving the website’s success and continued growth.

Website Objectives

The BunnyBuddies website was created with a clear objective in mind – to provide easily accessible, accurate, and comprehensive resources pertaining to rabbit welfare and ownership. We strive to deliver compelling content that informs and educates rabbit enthusiasts, emphasizing responsible care, recommended practices, and debunking myths.

Target Audience

Our content is designed to serve a diverse range of individuals, including both prospective and current rabbit owners, as well as dedicated animal lovers who wish to expand their knowledge of rabbit care. Our aim is to cater to individuals regardless of their previous experience or expertise, equipping them with the necessary information to become well-informed bunny keepers.

Unique Value

BunnyBuddies stands out among other online resources due to our team of experienced and highly skilled editors, writers, and professional team members. Backed by a collective passion for supporting rabbits, we ensure that our content is well-researched, up-to-date, and aligns with the best practices for responsible rabbit ownership. Our commitment to accuracy, education, and fostering a sense of community sets us apart, successfully meeting the information needs of rabbit lovers around the world.

Whether you are a devoted rabbit enthusiast or merely considering these delightful creatures as your potential furry family member, BunnyBuddies is your trusted companion. Join our compassionate community, explore our valuable resources, and uncover the most current and credible advice for creating an enriched life for both you and your beloved rabbits.

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